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Cyanotype Workshop in Gallery Foyart During "Bir Rulo" exhibition

Alternative photography is challenging the possibilities of printmaking. Each print is unique and beatiful. One Day Cyanotype Workshop hosted by Gallery Foyart was full of experiments.Doğu Gündoğdu's first personal exhibition took place in Gallery Foyart between 5-21 December 2015. The exhibited the "Bir Rulo" | "One Roll" project meaning one roll of a medium format camera, showing his journey in everyday route. Made with Van Dyke Brown technique, each one of 10 photographs are telling something different and they are the first and last printed edition.

In 12 December 2015, participants had the time to experience the possiblities of Cyanotype Technique on their own. The workshop took place in Gallery Foyart. It started with a presentation about the photographic inventions.

The works included in "Bir Rulo" exhibition can been seen in the following link;

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